SS12 required a campaign that could be rolled out over 6 months. JFC took the brand’s ‘writings’ and created
a series of colorful art installations. Each installation such as ‘Installation No. Violet’ would feature a series
of sayings and graphics. We explored color and how it played into our moods, our clothes and our surroundings.
Social media opportunities for each month allowed us to share the imagery via pintrest, tumblr, etc. We created
an oversized lookbook, magazine ads, outdoor adv, posters, sayings and video. The campaign was a continuation
of Project Pretty which was an exploration of finding and sharing pretty. Our goal was to position kensie as an
edgy kind of pretty. Photographer Geoff Barrenger. Models Jennifer Pugh, Barbara Fialho. Produced by Nobasura.
Hair by Tania Becker. Makeup by Lisa Aharon.

click to download lookbook



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