JFC created the kensie brand profile to have a character that gets a little obsessed. She is fascinated
with writing and in F11 she becomes fascinated with street art. We developed Project Pretty and the
‘Make Pretty’ campaign to roll out over six months to coincide with the six product deliveries and ongoing
ecommerce campaigns. Graphics, posters, decals, tshirts, songs, videos, lookbooks and social media were developed
for each of the six mini campaigns.
We hired a street artist know as ‘the dark’, made street art, found six awesome
locations in Gastown Vancouver and hired models Jennifer Pugh and Naty Chabanenko. Photographer
Geoff Barrenger shot stills. Salazar shot the six videos. Louise Burns collaborated with us for the six songs.
Produced by Nobasura. Social media was done throughout the shoot and the rollouts. Magazine and online
advertising supported the campaign.

click to download lookbook



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